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company registration in india


As of January 2022, more than 61,400 startups have been recognized in India which include business ideas from multifarious sectors. With this strong entrepreneurial spirit, the whole country is moving fast towards an economy that is built and sustained by start-ups. India is steadily growing in the ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ index and most of the registrations and compliances have turned into an online process but registration of business remains a lengthy and expensive process. Requirements for registering a company can also be a lot to manage at times and there are very high company registration charges in India. Therefore, there is an increased need of keeping a stricter check on the troublemakers hence giving a rise to more long, complicated and somewhat cumbersome company registration procedures.

Our vision is to support businesses in registering as a corporate and legal entity, may it be a Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), One Person Company or a Section-8 Company (NGO) with the most affordable startup registration fees. The procedure to register a company can be complicated. Our team of experts is there to understand your requirements as well as the requirements of your business and help you choose the most suitable legal entity for you. There are various benefits of company registration and we aim to make your journey of company registration process as smooth as possible so that the often-intimidating process of online registration of business in India does not stop you from starting your business. With Vyapaar Pundit, choose from the four types of company registrations and start your corporate journey. We have put together important company registration details about all four types of legal entities, like business's online registration requirements, process and  fees, but since there are many steps to register a company, we encourage you to reach out to us in order to choose the best suitable legal entity for you and your business. If you think you have that one perfect idea, register your business now with Vyapaar Pundit.

register a private limited company

Private Limited Company:

Register a Private Limited Company in India now with Vyapaar Pundit. A private limited company is any type of business entity in "private" ownership used in many jurisdictions, in contrast to a publicly listed company, with some differences from country to country. Incorporating a company through Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe -INC-32), with eMoA (INC-33), eAOA (INC-34), is the default option and most companies are required to be incorporated through SPICe only.​​​ We have listed all private limited company registration requirements for you to make your online private limited company registration a smooth and easy process.

private limited company registration fees
Private Limited

One Person Company Registration:

Section 2(62) defines One Person Company as a private company with only one director and one shareholder. However, it can have more than one director, and up to a maximum of 15. We bring to you the most transparent one person company registration process in India..

one person company registration
one person company registration
Limited Liability
llp registration

Limited Liability Partnership:

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liabilities. It therefore can exhibit elements of partnerships and corporations. In an LLP, each partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. Following are the important LLP company registration steps.

1. Apply for a Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN), which can be done by filing eForm for acquiring the DIN or DPIN.
2. You would then need to acquire your Digital Signature Certificate and register the same on the portal for LLP registration online.
3. Thereafter, you need to get the LLP name approved by the Ministry.
4. Once the LLP name is approved, you can register the LLP online by filing the incorporation form.

Some of the LLP registration benefits & required documents are given below for your reference.

llp registration
Section 8

Section-8 Company Registration:

Section-8 company incorporation is an easy process with Vyapaar Pundit. Section-8 Company or a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) is a company established for promoting commerce, art, science, religion, sports, education, research activities, charity or any other useful social object, provided the profits and donations is applied for promoting only the objects of the company and no dividend is paid to its members or owners. We have listed all Section-8 company registration requirements for you.

section 8 company registration
section 8 company registration
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